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── terms & conditions ──

We strive to offer an excellent service from initial enquiry, throughout hair wear and post removal.

To ensure your experience is positive we ask our clients to observe our Terms & Conditions.


Our consultation is a complete professional stand alone service.  Consultations extensively cover lifestyle, medical history, assessment of your hair & scalp health, tests to assess the strength of your hair, application of test strands if necessary, referrals to medical professionals if appropriate, completion of a consultation form, assessing the most suitable method based on your individual requirements. Written quotation of initial costs and ongoing financial commitments.  You are under no obligation to book a fitting as your consultation is a payable separate service.  The service charge is payable at time of booking and requires 48 hours cancellation or reschedule notice.

The fee is not deducted from your fitting cost.


We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule appointments of 2 hour duration or less and 72 hours for appointments of more than 2 hour duration or the appointment is payable in full. Whilst we fully appreciate this may be necessary giving adequate time to refill the appointment. Last minute cancellations & no shows cost small business large losses in revenue each year. This policy is in place to protect our self employed income.


We reserve the right to request full payment of your missed appointment and payment in advance of future appointments.


If you have altered your hair colour after a colour match has been performed you are required to return within adequate time of your fitting appointment to allow any necessary amendments to your hair order. If hair has been ordered to your previous colour match you will be liable for additional costs incurred such as postal charges in returning and delivery of new hair and cancellation fees if less than cancellation notice period ahead of your appointment.

We hold no responsibility for hair being out of stock for amended order.


We place an individual order to purchase hair from our supplier which is personally tailored to your individual requirements.

Payment for the hair is taken prior to ordering.  Our suppliers have differing returns policies. If you change your mind we may be able to return the hair for a refund if it  meets their return policy criteria. Costs incurred for returning goods will be deducted from your refund. Refunds are made via the method you paid and are not issued until the refund has been received from the supplier.  This must also be in line with our cancellation policy.


We have comprehensive aftercare guidelines which are explained at your fitting, provided in an aftercare leaflet and extensive guides displayed on our website.

We accept no liability for any damage that occurs by failure to follow them. 


We sell a range of products specifically designed for hair extensions / hair replacement systems which give clients a choice of suitable products. 

The products must be used as per our recommendations and in conjunction with our aftercare guidelines. 

We accept no liability for problems arising with the hair / bonds / attachments if you have failed to use them


You are welcome to attend a free two week follow up check.  This will allow us to check the hair, scalp, attachments & aftercare. Any adjustments you would like are carried out.  Any strands lost will be refitted.  Please book a 15 minute appointment for this check or 30 minutes if you require cutting adjustments.  

This is an optional appointment as most clients don't feel this appointment is necessary. 


Colouring your hair extensions / hair replacement system in done at your own risk. 

No liability is accepted for deterioration of the hair, bonds / attachments or damage to your natural hair, even if service is performed by a professional.

Colouring your hair extensions / hair replacement invalidates all manufactures guarantees once the product has been altered.


In the rare event you experience an allergic reaction, if you head becomes extremely sensitive or painful or any other symptom of a reaction you must contact us ASAP.
(If severe please seek medical advise)  We will invite you in for an immediate check up as urgency.  This will allow us to check your hair & scalp for signs or irritation. We can discuss the products you have been using and aim to establish the cause.  Itching is quite common post fitting and sores can form through excessive scratching (We recognise the difference in person) We may recommend a change in your aftercare product. 
HOWEVER If we feel you are displaying an allergic reaction to the materials in the attachments (e.g. metal allergy, PU allergy, adhesive allergy) you will need to have your extensions removed.  This will be done free of charge but no refund for your total expense will be given. 
An allergic reaction will happen very quickly post fitting, not develop through the course of wear.


Should a problem arise you must contact us ASAP to allow us to assess the issue and aim to resolve it.  

Hair is a natural organic product and you are likely to be wearing hair from more than one donor, particularly with a mix of colours. Very, very rarely there may be an issue with a particular batch of hair.  If it is a widely reported issue it will be easy to establish through the batch number system due to the numbers of volumes our suppliers sell. Isolated reports are likely to be an individual cause. Our first procedure w ill require us see you in person to assess the possible cause.  If our aftercare advise has been followed, all recommended aftercare products used and with the age and period of wear of the hair is taken into consideration it may be necessary to remove the hair and return to the supplier for further inspection / testing.

We may replace or refund returned hair at our discretion before the suppliers investigations are completed,  although we are under no obligation to do so. We will keep you fully informed throughout the process.  If a fault is found you will be offered a replacement set free of charge. 

If you prefer a refund you will be refunded the cost of the hair only, not our fitting service cost. 


If you change your mind, find the aftercare commitment too much, simply don't like your new look or your circumstances change etc we will endeavour to explore all options to help you overcome any difficulties before going ahead with a removal.  Your removal will be charged at the full cost

A range of aftercare services are available to ensure your additions & natural hair remain in excellent condition throughout wear. 
Some methods require regular maintenance appointments it is your responsibility to ensure you attend them.

You will be advised of the timescale of wear before your hair needs refitting or removing.  This is specifically recommended based on your individual requirements to prevent damage occurring to your natural hair. We offer these appointments at the fitting appointment. 
We accept no liability for damage arising if worn longer than recommended time.


If your extensions are altered by cutting, topped up, adjusted, removed, refitted or coloured  by other salons / stylists / extensionists we hold no responsibility for any problems arising


Exposure to different  elements which pose a risk of change or damage to your hair extensions / hair replacement systems is at your own risk. 

We offer a comprehensive aftercare guide for holiday / travel / environment change these guidelines must be followed.

No liability is accepted for issues  arising through holiday wear 


You are required to have your extensions removed within a timescale based on your personal requirements to prevent damage to your natural hair. 

We document your hair journey of wear at your regular refit appointments & note any changes. In the event of adverse change from initial fitting to removal this can be recognised. I f your extensions are removed elsewhere your extensionist will not have this prior knowledge and experience of your hair. 

Removals are a professional service and pose risk to the natural hair if not performed correctly. We hold no responsibility for damage if hair extensions / hair replacement systems are self removed / removed by other salons / other extensionists or third parties.  

Removals are a chargeable service. We will make you aware of the costs at time of fitting. These are subject to change through annual price rises so given longevity of wear may have increased. Please make yourself aware of removal costs relevant at the time.  

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