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everything you need to know about fusion bonds

Close Up Heat Fusion Bonds

fusion bonds

Fusion Bonds are an individual strand method which are commonly referred to as 'Glue Ins' or 'Bonds' and 'Prebonded'  

These are Available: in:

  • The Remi Cachet Elegance Range and in 12" / 16" / 20" 24" lengths and the full colour range.
  • The Remi Cachet Exclusive range in 16" & 20"
  • The Remi Cachet Luxury Range in 18'
  • Great Lengths 30cm / 40cm/45cm/50cm and custom order 60cm
  • We also occasionally use an alternative supplier for our Fusion Bonds

Close Up of Cylinder Hair Extension Bond

fully customisable bonds

The Tips are made of a completely safe keratin designed specifically for hair. The strands have the bond already attached eliminating the need for messy glue guns.

Each bond can be custom sized to match the weight of the natural hair it is being applied to. 

Different colours can be fused together to create a perfect, tailored colour blend & match.

The bonds can be customised into a Cylinder Bond or a Flat bond. The cylinder bonds shown here resemble a tiny grain of rice.

Up Close of Remi Cachet Flat Bond Fitted

flat bond

The Flat Bond lies entirely flat & cant be felt even when running a flat palm down the back of the head.  Flat bonds have a slightly less life span than a Cylinder Bond.

Close up of bonded hair extensions

how are fusion bonds fitted?

A small section of the natural hair is selected. The keratin tip is placed under the hair.  A heat application tool which resembles a very small thin pair of hair straighteners is used to melt the keratin through the hair. . Then the bond is hand formed and sealed.  Fusion Bonds are applied in neat rows 1.5cm from the scalp to allow the natural hair to move freely without tension.



  • Flat Bonds sit totally flat to the head and  Fans' the hair for a natural look 
  • Tiniest bonds.
  • Hair can be worn up
  • Hair is reusable
  • Customisable bond sizes
  • Worn longer than ring & lock methods so less refits
  • Multiple colours and  be used and created 
  • Multiple Hair Range choice
  • Available in different textures
  • No glue gun used



  • Not suitable for clients who exercise excessively (sweaty head)
  • Bonds can break down if aftercare not followed
  • Longer removal time
  • Need retipping before refitting
  • We outsource our retipping so will be sent away & cant be refitted same day
  • Longer application time due to custom sized bonds
  • Uses an adhesive to attach to natural hair
  • Cant be removed until at least 2 weeks post application

Close up of heat Fusion Bond hair extensions growth

during wear / hair growth

Your natural hair will continue to grow whilst wearing Fusion Bonds.  The rate of growth will vary client to client.  Your hair will also continue its natural shedding cycle.  The hairs which would usually be found in your hair brush or plughole will remain trapped inside the lock. These shed hairs can be recognised as loose unmatched sprouts of hair with little white dots on them.

This is NORMAL and no cause for alarm. 

We strongly recommend a maintenance appointment to trim away shed hair to prevent matting as bonds are worn longer due to their customisable weight & size.

Close up of bonded hair extensions after removal containing  natural shed hair


Fusion Bonds take longer to remove.  The bond is broken down by crushing with a set of special removal pliers and an alcohol based removal solution. Once the bond has been broken down The extension can be gently guided out.

The build up of natural shed hair is gently teased apart & brushed out.  (Some will remain fused inside the removed strands)

The amount of shed hair will vary person to person. It can appear to be a large amount but this is 12 -20 weeks worth of hair which would have naturally fallen. If collected the hair from your hair brush over the same period you would be surprised at the amount. 

Your hair may feel thinner as you will have become accustomed to the extra volume & weight of the added extension hair., so may take a little while to adjust. This is also normal & it will be exactly as it was prior to extension wear .  We monitor the natural hair at refits to ensure there are no adverse changes.

Close up of full head of removed bonded hair extensions


All hair we use is completely reusable (with the exception of our lower priced range which is more cost effective to replace)  

The Fusion bonds require new bonds before they can be refitted.  We outsource our retipping so the hair is sent away and cant be refitted the same day.

Some clients prefer to have a second set to rotate so there is always hair to refit on the same day. 

The Fusion Bonds are worn for up to 3 months in very fine hair, 5-6 months for classic cylinder bonds and 4-5 months for flat bonds.


fusion bond aftercare

Following the aftercare guidelines is key to problem free Hair Extension wear.

Please click here to read the recommended aftercare advise specific to Fusion Bonds

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