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everything you need to know about mini tips


mini tips 

Mini Tips are an individual strand method.  Available in The Remi Cachet Elegance Range and in 12" / 16" / 20" 24" lengths Available in the full colour range and the Remi Cachet Exclusive Range in 16" & 20"

We also occasionally use an alternative supplier for this method and refer to them as 'Tiny Tips'  ' Little Locks'  or simply 'Lock Method'

*FACT: Mini Locks, Mini Tips and Memory Tips are both registered trademarks to Remi Cachet

Remi Cachet Mini Tip Mini Lock against a five pence piece

memory tips

The Tips are shaped like the end of a shoelace & made of a flexible German keratin which has a memory coating. Unlike the traditional larger sized Stick Tips the Mini Tips mould inside the Mini Lock creating total compression for excellent hold & cushioning to protect the natural hair. When removed the Tips return to their original shape due to the 'Memory" coating. 


small discreet lock

The Mini Lock is a very small powder coated copper ring. Because the Mini Tips are the softer German keratin this protects the natural hair and creates secure hold eliminating the need for a silicone lining. This in turn means the Mini Locks are flatter and less bulky than 5mm silicone rings and more comfortable to wear.  

 Mini Locks are available in 3 sizes - 3mm &  2.8mm 

Here you can see the Mini Locks compared to  earring backs and a five pence piece to demonstrate their small size. 


how are mini locks fitted?

A small section of the natural hair is threaded through a looped tool loaded with Mini Locks. The hair is threaded through the Lock., the tiny tip is placed inside the lock and clamped flat with a pair of specially designed hair extension pliers. They are applied in neat rows 1cm from the scalp to allow the natural hair to move freely without tension.



  • Flatter than traditional Stick Tips  
  • No heat or glue used 
  • Hair can be worn up
  • Hair is reusable
  • Can use multiple colours
  • Easy, fast removal
  • Hair lasts 12 months +



  • Not suitable for clients with a metal allergy
  • Strand size cant be altered
  • Tips can break down if aftercare not followed
  • Require retipping @ 6-9 months
  • Unsuitable for clients with very fine hair
  • Unsuitable for clients who experience greasy hair / oily scalp


during wear / hair growth

Your natural hair will continue to grow whilst wearing MiniTips.  The rate of growth will vary client to client.  Your hair will also continue its natural shedding cycle.  The hairs which would usually be found in your hair brush or plughole will remain trapped inside the lock. 

These shed hairs can be recognised as loose sprouts of unattached hair with a tiny white dot on them.

This is NORMAL and no cause for alarm. 

With correct aftercare your Mini Tips will last for 12 months + 

*Regular refits required



The Mini Tips are easily removed by a professional. The lock is opened using specialist pliers & the Extension simply slides out. 

The build up of natural shed hair is gently teased apart & brushed out. 

The amount of shed hair will vary person to person. It can appear to be a large amount but this is 8-12 weeks worth of hair which would have naturally fallen. If collected the hair from your hair brush over the same period you would be surprised at the amount.

Your hair may feel thinner as you will have become accustomed to the extra volume & weight of the added extension hair.  So may take a little while to adjust. This is also normal & it will be exactly as it was prior to extension wear .  We monitor the natural hair at refits to ensure there are no adverse changes.

In this image you can clearly see the natural shedding which had been contained within the lock. Also present is residue of dry shampoo which was sitting on top of the locks.



In this image the natural shed hair has been brushed away. You can see where the locks were positioned and the hair is still in healthy condition. It is now ready for washing and preparation for the Mini Tips to be refitted using new Locks.

Mini Tips are completely reusable & require refitting between 8 - 12 weeks depending on your root density, natural shedding & growth rate. 

We fully remove the extensions, wash cut & blow-dry your natural hair to ensure it remains in excellent condition then refit the extensions and trim and style them too. 

The Tip will require retipping at around 6-9 months and we use an outside company for this service.


Mini tips aftercare

Following the aftercare guidelines is key to problem free Hair Extension wear.

Please click here to read the recommended aftercare advise specific to Mini Tips.

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