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everything you need to know about flip in hair

Flip In Hair The Original

flip in hair

Flip In Hair are a perfect alternative for clients during an extension break or looking for a temporary option. 

This option is most popular with clients who have very fine hair who are unsuitable for permanent extensions or clip ins.

Add instant volume and length within minutes without clips.

Colour matched and ordered personally for you so no expensive online wrong colour mistakes.

Flip In Hair The Original is available in:

  • 12" length weighing 85 grams 
  • 16" length weighing 100 grams
  • 20" length weighing 118 grams.  
  • Straight texture (all Colours)
  • Wavy / Spiral (select colours)
  • All 12" width around head
  • Wider width custom order

Flip in Hair Lite: is available in:

  • 12" length weighing 45 grams
  • 16" length weighing 50 grams
  • 20" length weighing 60 grams
  • All 12" width around head
  • Wider width custom order
  • For very thin hair

Flip In Hair Extensions Hair Extensions on a wire

flip in and out

The Weft top is threaded onto a wire so no fiddly, bulky clips. 

Super fast to fit as theres only one piece.

No risk of damage as the extension weight is supported by the scalp, not the natural hair making it perfect for our clients with very fine hair, those experiencing hair loss and excessive shedding.

The fine, clear wire sits at the front of the head and the weft of hair sits snuggly beneath the occipital bone with the natural hair sitting over the top. 

Close up of Flip In Hair Extensions fitted

how is the flip in fitted?

Flip Ins are easily fitted at home and come with full instructions, a spare wire, a pintail comb, a hanger and cover for easy storage.

  • A pintail comb
  • A brush

To fit at home:

  1. First time fitting will involve tightening the wire for a snug fit.
  2. Thread wire through the little 'D' rings 
  3. Place on head with the wire at the front and the wefts sitting just below the occipital bone and tighten.
  4. Using pintail comb tease the natural hair over the wire and weft. The wire may need additional adjustment / tightening. 
  5. Tie knot in wire. (Will only need to do this on first fitting)
  6. Brush to blend into hair

In Salon Services:

  • Colour match and custom order. Next day delivery available.
  • Fitting, cutting & blending.
  • Fitting & Styling

* We recommend fitting the Flip In at home initially as you are the best person to 'feel' the tightness and fit onto the head.



  • No heat or glue used 
  • Hair is reusable again and again
  • Non commitment method
  • One off purchase
  • Easy, fast to fit
  • Multiple colour choice
  • 3 textures available
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Remi Hair [Cuticle Correct)
  • Can be heat styled
  • Can be washed
  • Instant length
  • Instant volume
  • Fast, easy removal
  • Perfect for clients with fine hair
  • No Bulky Clips
  • Good colour range
  • Perfect for wedding hair
  • Custom orders available



  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Cant wear to bed
  • Cant wear in high ponytail as 

Flip In Hair Extensions Fitted


Simply hold weft and lift out of hair!


flip in aftercare

Following the aftercare guidelines is key to extending the longevity of your Flip In Hair Extensions. 

Please click here to read the recommended aftercare advise specific to Clip Ins. / Flip In

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