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── mini tips & nano rings aftercare ──

everything you need to know about 

looking after your mini locks & nano rings


mini lock & nano ring aftercare

Hair Extensions are a commitment and require additional time dedicated to aftercare. This will ensure your natural hair also remains in healthy condition during wear. 

Following our recommended guidelines will ensure problem free wear and extend the lifespan of your hair extensions. 

Establishing a good aftercare routine is key so looking after your extensions will become second nature.

Whilst both Mini Locks and Nano Rings are attached to the hair using a lock / ring both have a keratin bond which hold the extension strands together and to create the tip.

Incorrect aftercare will cause the bonds to break down over time and the hair will shed from the tip. 

Mini Tips require retipping between 6-9 months, poor aftercare will result in this being necessary sooner.


post fitting

Your newly fitted extensions should not feel uncomfortable or painful as they are fitted the correct distance from the scalp to allow free movement of your natural hair. 

After installation occasionally clients report their head feels 'itchy'. Not everyone will experience this, but it is perfectly normal and generally settles down within the first week.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.

We recommend you wait 24 hours after fitting to allow the extensions to settle and the scalp to rest before shampooing, however as there is no adhesive to fully set it will not cause any issues if you don't wait the full 24 hours.


natural hair loss

Natural hair loss is normal and part of the hair growth cycle. 

On average you lose between 50 - 150 hairs a day, These are the hairs you find in your hairbrush, collecting in the plughole on your shoulders etc. 

Your hair will go through different cycles continuously throughout the head.

Your cycle my change or be interrupted at any time caused by many factors such as stress, hormonal changes, diet, medication changes, illness, pregnancy or menopause. 

We monitor and document any changes during your extension wear. Should you experience any adverse changes we will make you aware and make recommendations for medical referral if felt necessary. Will will also not refit your extensions until these changes have settled or resolved.

the health of your natural hair & scalp is always our priority.


during wear / hair growth

Your natural hair will continue to grow whilst wearing your extensions. The rate of growth will vary client to client. 

As a result your attachments will move further downtime head away from the scalp. Your hair will also continue its natural shedding cycle.  The hairs which would usually be found in your hair brush or plughole will remain trapped inside the lock.

These shed hairs can be recognised as loose sprouts of unattached hair with a tiny white dot on the end.

This is NORMAL and no cause for alarm. 


strand loss

A small percentage of strand loss during wear is normal and expected. 

With Mini Locks ome clients may lose none at all and others between 5-10 depending on how long they are worn. (within a 12 week period)

We find with Nano Rings the strand loss tends to be slightly higher over a 12 week period.

Remember to keep any strands you lose as these can be reapplied at your refit appointment.

Any strands lost within the first 4 weeks will be refitted free of charge. (Provided recommended aftercare products are being used)

Poor aftercare & incorrect use of products is the main cause of higher strand loss.

Hard Water has a higher pH level which can attribute to attachment breakdown.

Hair Extensions which have an adhesive bond are at the most risk.

Isopryl Alcohol is the ingredient of most removal solutions and has a similar pH value. to hard water,. Although in a more dilute form, over time can lead to attachment deterioration.

This can be combatted by ensuring a pH balancing shampoo and conditioner are used to neutralise the effects. 



The recommended hair extension brush should always be used. These are designed with a flexible base and  flexible bristles to allow brushing directly on the root area without damaging or snagging the attachments,
  1. Section hair into 3-4 rows 
  2. Take 1st section from the bottom
  3. Support the root area by holding in a ponytail with your hand.
  4. Begin by brushing the ends in a downward motion
  5. Work your way up the ponytail , supporting the roots, until you reach the root / attachments.
  6. Move hand and and brush the root area in a downward motion the flexible  bristles will reach into the scalp and brusher the attachments without snagging/catching
  7. Take down next section and repeat.
  8. Work through all sections until entire head is brushed.

* By beginning at the ends this prevents pulling and dragging knots and tangles through the entire length preventing excessive strain on the hair and scalp

Pictured here is the Abigail Nicholls Hair Extension Brush

All The Abigail Nicholls aftercare range can be purchased in salon or in our online SHOP



Both Mini Tips and Nano's have a keratin bond which hold the extension strands together. 

We recommend only shampooing a maximum of 3 times a week to prevent  the bonds breaking down. 

Brush hair before washing.

  1. Shampooing should be done in an upright position in the shower.
  2. Ensure natural hair & extensions are thoroughly wet (saturated)
  3. Use a 10 pence size amount of Abigail Nicholls Velvet Hair Extension Shampoo, & massage between hands slightly to begin a lather before putting into hair.
  4. Firstly apply to the scalp in areas at the sides and back as this is where the majority of the attachments will sit.
  5. Using the Abigail Nicholls Shampoo Brush gently massage the root area using an 'up & down' motion (not the traditional circular motion to prevent twisting the attachment.s) and massage into the scalp. You can use your free hand to lift the rows to ensure every area is reached. Don't rinse yet.
  6. Take a 2nd 10 pence sized amount of shampoo and massage into the top of the hair. Massage gently using the Shampoo brush. Allow the suds to flow over the lengths but don't rub or massage in. *The scalp is where the hair oils and dirt accumulates and the area that requires washing.
  7. Rinse thoroughly. The suds will lift surface dirt from the lengths during rinsing.
  8. Repeat 4-8 again. The second wash is the most effective and the deep cleanse. 
  9. Ensure you rinse thoroughly as shampoo not rinsed from the scalp can create build up and cause itching.& a visible build up around the Lock causing paint to peel.

A ''Top Wash' can also be performed. This involves sectioning off and tying back your hair extensions and only washing the extension free top and fringe area to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh.

* Dry shampoo can be used between shampoos. But only recommended for use in the top section of the natural hair and perimeter edges.

Dry shampoo is alcohol based and overuse can be drying on the scalp and block hair follicles. The powder can accumulate on the top of the locks causing paint to peel.

It also sits in the natural shed hair and can 'bind' it together taking longer to remove at refits / removals.

*The Abigail Nicholls Shampoo Brush is made from a gentle but firm silicone which resemble several finger tips in the palm of the hand. Its gentle massaging feature achieves optimum effect from the shampoo achieving a deep clean whilst stimulating blood flow, ensuring delivery of vital nutrients to the hair follicle which promotes healthy hair growth.

All Abigail Nicholls product range can be purchased in salon or via our online SHOP



Always condition hair after shampooing.

Some conditioners contain heavy silicones which can cause heavy build up on the hair causing it to be lank and 'clump' together, so always use the recommended Abigail Nicholls Plush Hair Extension conditioners

NEVER apply conditioner to the root area as this will cause the extensions to slide out.

  1. Squeeze out excess water
  2. Part hair into two (or more for thicker hair) ponytail sections
  3. Begin on one ponytail applying conditioner to the ends and work up through the lengths no higher than chin to avoid the attachments.
  4. Repeat process on 2nd ponytail
  5. On the first ponytail Use the Abigail Nicholls Shampoo brush & begin brushing from the ends pressing against the palm of the other hand,, sandwiching hair between the brush and hand working the conditioner in and evenly distributing throughout the lengths. Go no higher than the chin, avoiding the attachments. This technique will not only distribute conditioner evenly it will aid tangle free brushing. once towel dried.
  6. Repeat on 2nd ponytail.
  7. Leave in hair whilst washing body
  8. Rinse thoroughly.
  9. Squeeze out excess water
  10. Wrap in towel.

*If the top of the natural hair requires conditioning, section this off and rinse by leaning this section forward to prevent conditioner seeping onto attachments.

*Once a week use the Abigail Nicholls Lavish intense deep conditioning treatment as this will extend the longevity of your extensions and keep your natural hair in healthy condition during wear.

All the Abigail Nicholls aftercare products can be purchased in salon or via our online SHOP



Do not leave wrapped in towel for a prolonged period of time as this can lead to matting.

Never tie the hair up or go to bed when the hair is wet as this will cause matting

Mini Tips will go soft inside the ring and begin to shed if the root area is not dried thoroughly..

The German Keratin bond of the Mini Tips are naturally softer & pliable so only a low - medium heat setting should be used on the root area. It is essential to finish with the cool shot

  1. Gently blot excess moisture do not rub.
  2. Separate into two ponytails
  3. Using the recommended leave in conditioning spray / detangler and spray liberally through lengths, avoiding root area.
  4. Using the shower comb and the brushing technique comb through the lengths of each ponytail no higher than the chin to avoid the attachments.  
  5. Then section the hair as the brushing technique and using your hair extension brush, brush the root area throughout the head.
  6. Resection into two and apply hair oil beginning at the ends and work into the hair no higher than the chin
  7. The hair should be dried in 3-4 sections starting from the bottom. Begin by sectioning the rest away and leave bottom row free. 
  8. The heat of the dryer should be set to  medium, not hot. Keep the hairdryer nozzle facing down the hair and dry the root and attachment area. (We recommend using the Abigail Nicholls a blow-dry brush as it has flexible natural bristles that won't pull or catch the attachments or melt with heat). Continue drying the length.
  9. Using the cold shot setting cool the root area.
  10. Take down next section and repeat process throughout the head.

*If you intend to leave the extensions to dry naturally you must dry the root area first. The Locks & Rings are made from a powder coated copper and will form a green residue over time if left damp regularly. (This is caused by copper oxidisation and what you find on the copper pipes in your home)

It can also transfer a visible green colour to blonde extensions.

The paint can also begin to peel if the locks are constantly left damp.

For faster drying of longer lengths we recommend the Abigail Nicholls Flow-Dry Brush

All our brushes can be purchased in salon or in our online SHOP


separating the attachments

To prevent the individual strands becoming tangled with the neighbouring strand it is important to separate the strands once a week to prevent matting.

  1. Section hair row by row, starting with the bottom row. 
  2. Using your fingers run between each strand to ensure the are separate from the neighbouring one. 
  3. Gently tease apart any wrapped around each other.
  4. Using your extension brush brush using the brushing technique paying particular attention to the root area.
  5. Repeat row by row.

Good daily brushing will prevent root tangling & matting.

If an unmanageable matt has formed contact the salon to book a maintenance appointment.


heated styling tools

Your extensions are 100% Human Hair and can be heat styled just as you would your natural hair.

The bond on the Nano Tip must not come into contact with heated styling tools as it will cause it to melt.

Using a leave in conditioner and hair oil will act as  heat protection and help to remoisturise the hair.

You can also use a specific heat protection but you must check the ingredients do not contain the sunscreen Avobenzone as this will lead to discolouration in blond extensions. (See Holiday Aftercare)


styling products

Styling products can be used but ensure the root area and attachments are avoided.

Be sure to check the ingredient list for the sunscreen Avobenzone which is commonly used in products with UV filters and heat protection products.s this will lead to discolouration in blond hair.

Please refer to Holiday Aftercare for more info on Avobenzone and other names it it is listed as.



Tie hair in a loose, low ponytail or plait. (Plaits also produce nice waves for the next day) 

NEVER go to bed with wet hair as this will lead to matting.



Hair extensions are cut using a completely different technique than natural hair, so always return to your hair extension specialist to perform this for you.

Having your extensions trimmed during wear will help keep them in pristine, healthy condition.


colouring your natural hair

Your extensions are fitted at least 1cm away from the root to allow free movement of your natural hair.  

As your natural hair grows your attachments will move further from the scalp. This will allow for a root tint to be applied provided the attachments are totally avoided. This however cannot be done with bleach as this swells and may seep into the attachment.

The most recommended time to have your colour service is at you refit appointment to allow the extensions to be fully removed.

If you have your colour service performed on the same day as your extensions fitted please be aware that you may experience higher strand loss during wear.

We strongly recommend waiting 48 hours before your extensions are refitted.


colour fade & colouring your extensions

Hair Extensions undergo colour processing during manufacture.

The hair when it is selected at source is Virgin Hair, meaning it has never undergone a chemical process.  

The hair begins at a very dark shade from black to dark brown.

It is gently lifted to lighter shades (sometimes over weeks) and then coloured down to the required shade.

This is to ensure all batches are the same as the colour selected from the colour rings.

If you colour your natural hair you will have regular root retouches and the colour will be taken through the lengths to freshen the colour from fading and ensure the colour is the same throughout.

All the brands we use are chosen for the longevity of wear and the same applies. If your extensions last for more than 12 months its natural to expect that over time the colour of your extensions will fade depending on what it has been exposed to:

  1. Sun / UV light
  2. Incorrect products that can strip colour
  3. Washing more than 3 times a week 
  4. Hard Water

Hard Water discolouration due to mineral deposits is different to colour fade (see Holiday Aftercare for Hard water Discolouration)

However Hard Water creates a pH imbalance causing the cuticle to raise, thus resulting in faster colour fade allowing the colour deposits to stripped from the hair faster.

Also the use of '"No Tears" formula childrens / baby shampoo will accelerate colour fade as these have a higher pH level as above.

Blonde extensions will need maintaining to prevent brassy tones appearing. Using  our recommended Blue Shampoo once a week will help prevent this.

Some blondes may require a toner to maintain tone.

Ash shades will gradually throw off warmer tones due to the underlying colour (remember extensions are coloured down in shade)

Using our recommended Blue Shampoo will help maintain tone, however a professional toner may be required over time.

*Colouring of extensions is always done at own risk, even if performed by a professional.  

*The Locks are made of metal and should not come into contact with bleach, tint or peroxide.

*Coloured extensions invalidate any manufacturer guarantees as this changes the structure of the original product

*We always recommend a test strand before colouring the extensions to assess final result

*Extensions can be coloured down in shade or tone but we do not recommend attempting to lift them.

This image sis a perfect example, The same client with her weft at 6 months and on removal at 12 months. It originally was a dark brown matching the weft top.

This client did not have her weft coloured during wear as she was happy with the ombre / balayage effect it created.

She also did not use our recommended aftercare products which help prevent colour fade.

This image is also a perfect demonstration of a neat application, good aftercare ensures a neat, easy to maintain growth, here the Lock Stitch is clearly visible and intact.



Tie hair up. Not tightly or very high on top of the head as this risks pulling on the strands in the lower nape area.

If head becomes wet due to sweat wash and dry thoroughly after.

This client is wearing a full head of Ultra Tips and the attachments are not visible.


sunbeds / saunas / steam rooms

Wrap dry hair in a hair turban to protect. hair and attachments.

Hair continuously exposed to UV light will experience colour change over time.


swimming / hot tub / jacuzzi

You can swim whilst wearing hair extensions but strict aftercare guidelines must be followed.

Also applies to regular use of a hot tub.

  1. If possible wear a swimming cap.
  2. Protect mid lengths and ends of hair by spraying with leave in conditioner (or a diluted solution of your normal conditioner) avoiding root area)
  3. Plait Hair and tie on top of head.
  4. Shampoo, condition & dry immediately after.
  5. Regulars swimmers must use the Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner
  6. Use the MalibuC Swimmers Wellness Sachet once a week.

*For more in-depth info please here


holiday aftercare / sunscreen / discolouration

Please see Holiday Guidelines for full explanation.

Blonde hair extensions may experience orange / pink discolouration even if you haven't travelled abroad. 

This can be caused by 4 factors:

  1. Hair has come into contact with a product containing the sunscreen Avobenzone
  2. Hair has come into contact with water with a high iron content (Hard Water)
  3. Hair has come into contact with Fake Tan / Coloured tanning moisturiser
  4. Hair has come into contact with an orange toned hair oil (such as Moroccan Oil) which has built up over time.



You must return for your removal / refit within the timescale recommended to you. 

When your extensions are initially fitted they have 100% support sections safely holding the weight of the extensions.

As your hair continues to grow and naturally shed there is less support from the hair at the root / scalp over time.

Your refits and removals are recommended within a timescale based on your personal requirements, to ensure that there is no risk of the weight of your extensions pulling the remaining support hairs from  the scalp 

Extension attachments also become more visible and harder to 

No liability is accepted for damage occurring from self removal or carried out by third parties including other extensionists and salons.



Matting occurs due to poor aftercare or not returning for your refits / removal during the recommended time. This will mean an excess of natural shed hair which can become entangled with the natural hair and neighbouring shed hair.

Matting is one of the primary causes of damage to the natural hair.

This is due to the hairs being pulled in from all directions and twisted and caught within the matt.

Tying hair up and going to bed with wet hair will cause matting.

Not separating the attachments regularly and not brushing the root area correctly also cause matting.

If you can feel a matt forming deal with it immediately. 

If it is not manageable book a maintenance appointment ASAP

Hard Water has a high pH value causing the cuticle to raise, this can result in the outer layer being 'roughened" which can also be a contributing factor to matting.

(Please see 'Holiday Aftercare" for further info on Hard Water effects.

Unfortunately bad matting can only be removed by removing the extensions so please be meticulous in your aftercare routine.



  • Wait until time lapse advised before your first shampoo post application.
  • Brush & detangle before shampooing
  • Always use recommended aftercare products
  • Wash hair in upright position not leant over the bath
  • Apply shampoo in an up and down, not circular motion to massage at root
  • Use conditioner through mid lengths & ends only avoiding the roots and attachments
  • Ensure shampoo and conditioner are thoroughly rinsed
  • Gently squeeze excess water & blot dry in towel 
  • Use a leave in conditioner and  CLEAR hair oil
  • Use a conditioning treatment once a week
  • Always use a brush specifically designed for hair extensions
  • Support root area when brushing and start from the ends brushing downwards moving up towards the roots
  • Blow-dry root area on medium setting and finish with cool shot
  • Use a heat protection product when using heated styling tools
  • Separate attachments regularly to avoid root matting
  • Tie hair in a low ponytail or plait for sleeping
  • Wrap hair in a towel when using a sunbed or sauna
  • Tie up when exercising / playing sports
  • Wear a hat for swimming
  • Shampoo straight after swimming to remove chlorine
  • Return for regular refit / removal appointments within the time scale recommended
  • Return to have your hair extensions professionally moved



  • Wash your hair before the recommended time post fitting
  • Do not use a circular motion or harsh scrubbing motion when shampooing
  • Do not wash more than the recommended times per week
  • Do not apply conditioner on the roots or attachments
  • When towel drying do not roll or rub hair 
  • Do not leave damp hair in towel for prolonged periods of time
  • Never tie hair up when wet
  • Never apply styling products or hair oil on the roots / attachments
  • Do not use products not specified for hair extension use
  • Do not use products not recommended by us
  • Do not use a comb on the root or attachment area
  • Do not blow dry root / attachments on a hot / high setting
  • Do not pick or twist the attachments
  • Do not pull your hair extensions
  • Do not bleach or perm your hair extensions
  • Do not remove the extensions yourself
  • Leave your extensions in for longer than advised
  • Do not allow hair to come into contact with products containing Avobenzone
  • Do not allow the hair to come into contact with fake tan or tinted moisturisers
  • Do not use a coloured hair oil


aftercare products

We offer a range of Aftercare products all designed specifically for Hair Extensions.

You will be advised on the products most suited to your personal requirements.

Please click here to view the full range.

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