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── aftercare services──

everything you need to know about our aftercare services


aftercare services 

Our service does not end once you leave the salon.

We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have post fitting.

We offer a range of services which will ensure your natural hair and extensions remain in healthy, beautiful condition throughout wear.


post fitting check

All new clients are welcome to book in for a post fitting check within the first 2 weeks.

We will check the attachments and in the very rare event you have lost any strands these will be refitted free of charge. 

A post fitting check allows us to ensure thorough aftercare is being followed, that your hair and scalp are coping with the additional weight and make any adjustments where necessary.


fusion bond maintenance

Fusion bonds are worn for longer than lock methods so it is recommended you attend a bond tidy appointment to prevent matting.

A bond tidy trims the natural excess shed hairs which sit above the bond. This prevents them becoming entangled with the neighbouring bond.

Each strand is separated row by row, any matting will be gently teased apart and a good root brushing carried out.

Available as a 1 or 2 hour appointment depending on how many bonds are fitted or if any matting is present.


wash & blow-dry

Sit & relax whilst we take care of one of your hair chores.

Shampoo to deep cleanse, condition and blowdried and straightened.

Styling charged extra due to additional time.


shampoo, cut & blow-dry 

All our hair extensions are 100% Human Hair.  Just like our natural hair, extensions will also experience split
To keep them in perfectly healthy condition we recommend a trim to keep those split ends at bay.

*Some refit services include this in the cost.

We recommend this service if you are wanting length removed or extensions restyled.

*Includes basic styling.


dry trim

All our hair extensions are 100% Human Hair. Just like our natural hair, extensions will experience split ends.

To keep them perfectly healthy condition we recommend a trim to keep those split ends at bay.

* Some refit services include this in the cost.

This is a simple service. You arrive with your hair freshly washed and dried. We straighten and trim the ends throughout.


curling / waving / styling

A stand alone service which can also be added onto a wash and blow-dry or a dry trim.

Our signature wavy finish created using a wand, tong or iron.

Can be left curled for you to brush out at home or finished in salon and set with spray.


'no blow' cold set

The ' No Blow Cold Set" is a stand alone service or can be added onto a Shampoo, Cut & Blow-dry, Shampoo & Blow-dry or a Dry Trim.

The hair is curled using a wand or tong and pinned and sprayed.and left to cold set.

The longer the curls are left in place the longer they will last.

These can be brushed out in salon or the pins left in allowing you to brush out at home.

*Quicker  than a ' Bouncy Blow Dry'



Included with all our services but can also be as a stand alone service for clients who struggle to fully smooth their own hair and extensions.

Row by row brushing them smoothed with the heat iron for longer lasting effect.


intensive conditioning treatment

Add onto your Wash & Blow-dry or Shampoo, Cut & Blow dry to remoisture and revitalise your extensions leaving them soft, silky and full of lustre.

Help extend the lifespan of your extensions.

Helps to maintain the condition of your natural hair too.



Olaplex is a revolutionary product that rebuilds the internal structure of the hair.

This can be carried out whilst wearing extensions (attachment areas are avoided)

Perfect for keeping the natural hair in perfect condition during wear.

A two part treatment with optional follow on at home treatments for optimum effect.


malibu c crystal gel

Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment is an in salon treatment that removes mineral deposits from the hair.

This treatment is recommended for our blonde clients who have experienced  orange / pink discolouration whilst on holiday caused by iron deposits and a sunscreen chemical reaction.

(See Holiday Aftercare)

The treatment involves a heat cap to activate the ingredients and is finished using Malibu C Miracle Repair Intensive Conditioning Treatment.



You will given the exact cost of the refit at your initial consultation. This is based on the application method and amount of extensions you have had fitted. 

We reserve the right to add an additional hourly rate onto the refit cost if your  extensions have been poorly maintained or if they have been worn for longer than the recommended time. These factors can lead to matting and excess natural  shed hair which will take longer to remove  

*We do not refit extensions not fitted by us unless you have relocated from another area / country which is  too far to travel to original technician.

We would need to see you for a consultation prior to agreeing to refit your existing extensions.



Removals at end of lifespan / wear are charged at an hourly rate.

If you are having a removal for a short extension break / get colour done elsewhere / MRI scan / Head Xray we will charge you the removal at an hourly rate and for a shampoo cut and blow dry (if performed)  at your removal appointment.

This will be deducted from your total refit price if this is carried out within ONE MONTH of removal. (Lock methods only)

*We do not remove extensions not fitted by us unless you have relocated from another area / country which is  too far to travel to original technician.

We would need to see you for a check prior to agreeing to removing your existing extensions.


colour services

Abigail is an extensively qualified hairdresser, but due to such a large extension clientele no longer offers colour services.

Our talented hairdressing team at Eighteen West are available to take care of all Abigail's clients colour requirements.

Please click here for further info.



Fusion Bonds & Mini Locks can be retipped and reused . We outsource this to a specialist company.  The turnaround time can range between 1 - 2 weeks.

This service is only available to existing clients.

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