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── general aftercare ──

the basic do's & dont's of

looking after your hair extensions



  • Wait until time lapse advised before your first shampoo post application.
  • Brush & detangle before shampooing
  • Always use recommended aftercare products
  • Wash hair in upright position not leant over the bath
  • Apply shampoo in an up and down, not circular motion to massage at root
  • Use conditioner through mid lengths & ends only avoiding the roots and attachments
  • Ensure shampoo and conditioner are thoroughly rinsed
  • Gently squeeze excess water & blot dry in towel 
  • Use a leave in conditioner and  CLEAR hair oil
  • Use a conditioning treatment once a week
  • Always use a brush specifically designed for hair extensions
  • Support root area when brushing and start from the ends brushing downwards moving up towards the roots
  • Blow-dry root area on low -medium setting and finish with cool shot
  • Use a heat protection product when using heated styling tools
  • Separate attachments regularly to avoid root matting
  • Tie hair in a low ponytail or plait for sleeping
  • Wrap hair in a towel when using a sunbed or sauna
  • Tie up when exercising / playing sports
  • Wear a hat for swimming
  • Shampoo straight after swimming to remove chlorine
  • Return for regular refit / removal appointments within the time scale recommended
  • Return to have your hair extensions professionally moved



  • Wash your hair before the recommended time post fitting
  • Do not use a circular motion or harsh scrubbing motion when shampooing
  • Do not wash more than the recommended times per week
  • Do not apply conditioner on the roots or attachments
  • When towel drying do not roll or rub hair 
  • Do not leave damp hair in towel for prolonged periods of time
  • Never tie hair up when wet
  • Never apply styling products or hair oil on the roots / attachments
  • Do not use products not specified for hair extension use
  • Do not use products not recommended by us
  • Do not use a comb on the root or attachment area
  • Do not blow dry root / attachments on a hot / high setting
  • Do not pick or twist the attachments
  • Do not pull your hair extensions
  • Do not bleach or perm your hair extensions
  • Do not remove the extensions yourself
  • Leave your extensions in for longer than advised
  • Do not allow hair to come into contact with products containing Avobenzone
  • Do not allow the hair to come into contact with fake tan or tinted moisturisers
  • Do not use a coloured hair oil


aftercare products

We offer a range of Aftercare products all designed specifically for Hair Extensions.

You will be advised on the products most suited to your personal requirements.

Please click here to view the full range.

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