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everything you need to know about the meche integration system


what is a meche integration system?

A Meche Integration System is a non surgical hair replacement system. which is  completely tailored and customised..

It is totally bespoke and personalised to each clients individual client's hair loss needs. 

More comfortable and secure than a wig and is worn continuously as though it was the natural hair. 

All systems are created using 100% human hair to allow washing, drying and styling and for longevity. 

A system will last approximately two years before needing to be fully replaced. 

Each system is custom built so appointments are longer than for a traditional set of hair extensions. 

Before committing to any hair loss replacement service it is vital you have sought professional medical advice to determine the underlying cause of the hair loss. 

Some conditions are progressive whilst others are treatable. 

It is essential you and your stylist understand whether you are going to see visible improvement in the natural hair or to expect further loss / no improvement or change. 

Some hair loss systems may lead to accelerated loss where the connections have been.   Every condition will vary & it is so important to be aware of all factors before making any commitment.

Remi Cachet Ultra Tips Up Close

how is a meche integration system fitted?

A meche base is fitted over the head,  creating darts and neat, secure stitching create a snug, secure fit.

The natural hair is pulled through the meche and secured using extremely small silicone lined rings. 

The meche  becomes the perfect base to allow the hair to be attached.

The edge of the system is stitched to create a neat hem so the meche is entirely concealed and prevents fraying, extending the lifespan of the meche.

Rows of wefts are carefully stitched into place to create length and volume.

(The number of rows will depend on individual requirements)

Finally a closure is sewn onto the top to create a natural hair line and parting. 

The system is the cut and blended to create a totally natural looking, full head of hair. 


tiny ring attachments

The rings used are silicone lined to cushion the natural hair and for a secure hold, preventing slippage. 

We use the smallest rings available for comfort of wear and ultimate discretion which are colour matched to the meche we are using. 

This image is a comparison of the size of the rings compared to earrings backs and a five pence piece.  (3.5mm Micro Ring & Nano Ring)

Remi Cachet Ultra Tips Close Up Fitting

the wefts & stitch

The wefts are attached row by row and sit between the rows of the natural hair which has been pulled through the meche.

We use the same stitch we use in our Hollywood Weave technique as it is secure,evenly distributes the weight, is small & discreet and protects the thread from snagging. 



Each system can be customised and the meche fitted to individual areas. 

Areas of a skin PU can be added for securing to the skin using tape or skin glue.  (Perfect for Full Frontal Fibrosis) 

A meche Integration system is incredibly versatile and customisable. 

In this image you can see the Double sided tape to secure the front of the system. There will be a customised skin PU added to the system in the corresponding area.  This is used due to lack of natural hair in the front area to secure the meche. 



  • Worn permanently.
  • Can wash, dry & style as natural hair.
  • Discreet & secure
  • No heat or glue used 
  • Hair can be worn up
  • Hair is reusable
  • No bonds or glue to break down
  • Systen can be removed intact without removing weft rows.
  • Multiple colours can be used
  • Base can last up to two years
  • Hair can last up to 12+ months with good aftercare.



  • Not suitable for clients with a metal allergy
  • Regular realignment appointments required
  • Regular removal & refit appointments required
  • Initial system build is a long appointment
  • Reliant on adequate natural hair to secure meche to support weight
  • Can lead to accelerated hair loss with some hair loss conditions
  • Scalp cant be thoroughly cleansed until removal leading to build up or matting of natural hair underneath. 
  • Cant be fitted until 12 months post final chemotherapy treatment.
  • Not every client will be suitable for a Meche Integration system
  • Ongoing financial commitment


during wear / hair growth

Your  natural hair will continue to grow whilst wearing the system.. The rate of growth will vary client to client.

It is also important to note areas of hair loss hidden by the meche may have increased depending on the underlying cause. This will not be due to the system or attachments but the progressive condition and its natural course (If applicable)

For other conditions you may visibly notice improvement.

The hair will also continue its natural shedding cycle. The hairs which would usually be found in your hair brush or plughole will remain trapped inside the attachment.

These shed hairs can be recognised as loose unattached hairs with a tiny white 'dot' on the end.

This is NORMAL and no cause for alarm. 


realignment / tightening

The system will require adjustment every 4-6 weeks. 

This involves the natural growth being pulled through the meche, the ring is opened, natural shed hair is brushed away and the system is retightened and realigned using new rings. 

This prevents the system from moving and ensures it remains a secure, snug fit. This also prevents any tension on the natural hair.

(The amount of shed hair will vary person to person, depending on their hair loss condition. It can appear to be a large amount but this is 4-6 weeks worth of hair which would have naturally fallen. If collected the hair from your hair brush over the same period you would be surprised at the amount.)

Here you can clearly see the rings and the hair pulled through the meche allowing ease of retigtening without requiring full system removal.



The next appointment will involve complete removal of the system.  

The connections are all free floating and the natural hair is not interconnected to adjacent strands, not only does this created a more natural blend as the hair is fully integrated to the added hair. It enables easy tightening and full removal of the system as one intact unit.

Any matting of the natural hair will be gently teased out and natural shed hair will be brushed out.

(Again the amount of shed hair will vary person to person, depending on their hair loss condition. It can appear to be a large amount but this is 8 - 12 weeks worth of hair which would have naturally fallen.

Your hair may feel thinner as you will have become accustomed to the extra volume & weight of the system and your natural hair has been hidden for a period of time so you may have forgotten how it looked prior to fitting.

We monitor the natural hair at all realignments and document any adverse changes or improvements.

A scalp dermabrasion treatment is performed to remove any build up of dead skin cells to keep the hair follicles clear followed by a deep cleanse shampoo.

This ensures the scalp is kept in a healthy condition to promote healthy growth.

We monitor the natural hair at all realignments and document any adverse changes or improvements.

Refit appointments are the perfect opportunity for the natural hair or system to be coloured or any scalp treatments to be performed before refitting.



The system is thoroughly washed, conditioned and dried ready to be refitted. 

The system is positioned onto the head and is carefully checked it is realigned in its original position & that it is equally balanced.

The natural hair is then pulled back through the meche and secured using new rings. 

Any split ends are trimmed and the hair is styled as required. 

It is absolutely essential you attend the regular realignment & refit appointments as this will keep the natural hair and scalp healthy and extend the lifespan of your meche integration system. 


meche integration aftercare

Following the correct aftercare guidelines is key to problem free wear.

Please click  here to read the recommended aftercare advise specific to the Meche Integration System. 

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