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everything you need to know about tape extensions

Close up of Remi Cachet Injection Tapes fitteds

tape extensions

Tape extensions are a fast application service which involves a mini weft of hair which has a gentle adhesive backing. 

We offer five varieties of Tapes:

The Remi Cachet Injection Tape which has a layer of hair injected into the top of the tape tab to mimic the hair growing from the root.

These are available  in

  • The Remi Cachet Elegance Range and in 14" / 18" / 22" lengths and the full colour range.
  • Great Lengths also offer a similar version with a layer of natural hair covering the tape tab., these are known as 'Great Lengths Tapes Plus' in 18"
Or a traditional PU top which is coloured to mimic natural hair with the extension hair beginning underneath the tab.

These are available in:

  • The Remi Cachet Luxury Range in 18" length
  • Remi Cachet Micro Tapes in 10" length
  • Great Lengths in 10" / 12" / 18" / 22" & Fashion Colours in 16"
  • We also occasionally use an alternative supplier for our Tapes.

*FACT: Injection Tape is a registered trademark to Remi Cachet.

Close up of Remi Cachet Injection Tape

injection tape top

The Injection Tape is discreet and mimics hair growth from the root completely hiding the tape tab underneath.

These are more expensive than standard tape tabs due to the more complex manufacturing process

Depending on the brand it is possible to combine an injected tape top with a standard tape top to lay flatter and reduce hair cost. 

Can be fitted in a standard double sided method or Lite method.

Close Up of standard hair extension tape fitted

standard pu tape top

The Standard Tape top is coloured to match the extensions with the hair contained inside the tape top. These lay slightly flatter than an injected tape top

Can be fitted in a standard double sided method or Lite method.


fully customisable colours

Colour options are limitless as two different colours can be interfused by fitting one colour tape on the top & a different colour underneath. 

In this image are 3 tapes:

A medium brown, a  light blonde and a medium brown & light blonde mix. The mix is the same as the two other colours but in a single tape) This gives multiple colour mixing options to create different looks and perfect colour blending. 

Great Lengths funky coloured hair extensions

funky colours

Great Lengths do a stunning range of bright neon, pastel and deep muted jewel coloured tape extensions in 16" length.

These are perfect for adding a splash of insant colour without the need to prebleach or commitment.

These colours hold incredibly with minimal fade. 

Close up of Remi Cachet Injection Tapes Fitted

how are tape extensions fitted?

Standard Tape Fitting

A small slice section of the natural hair slightly less width than the tape top is selected. One Tape is placed under the hair section and a second Tape fitted over the top with the natural hair 'sandwiched' between the two tapes.

Specially designed pliers are used to clamp and seal the edges to prevent moisture penetration.

The Tapes are applied in neat rows approx 1cm from the scalp to allow the natural hair to move freely without tension.

Tape Lite Fitting

This is the same as above but only one Tape Extension is fitted on top of the hair section.and held in position with a backing tape.

This is half the weight of a standard fitting so perfect for clients with very fine hair. This is one of our most popular services.



  • Sit totally flat to the head 
  • Fans' the hair for a natural look 
  • Hair is reusable
  • Customisable weights
  • Fastest fitting method available
  • Multiple colours available
  • Colours can be  created 
  • Multiple Hair Range choice
  • Perfect for fine hair



  • Not suitable for clients who exercise excessively (sweaty head)
  • Tapes can slip if meticulous aftercare not followed
  • Longer removal time
  • Require retaping before refitting
  • Not suitable for clients with greasy hair / oily scalp
  • Two appointments for removal and refit often necessary
  • Uses an adhesive to attach to natural hair

Close up of Remi Cachet Injection Tape hair growth during wear

during wear / hair growth

Your natural hair will continue to grow whilst wearing Tape Extensions.  The rate of growth will vary client to client.  Your hair will also continue its natural shedding cycle.  The hairs which would usually be found in your hair brush or plughole will remain trapped inside the lock.  These shed hairs can be recognised as loose unattached sprouts of hair with a tiny white dot on the end.

This is NORMAL and no cause for alarm. 



Tape Extensions are relatively fast to remove from the head.

The edges are gently opened and removal solution is sprayed inside. This releases the top tape from the hair. More solution is sprayed onto the bottom tape to release the tape from the natural hair.

Depending on the brand used, how long the extensions have been worn, how well aftercare was performed and products used sometimes a sticky, tacky residue is left in the hair so an oil based removal solution is then used.

Several shampoos are necessary to remove the oily removal solution so the hair is clean and ready for reapplication.

This takes much longer than the original fitting.

The build up of natural shed hair is gently teased apart & brushed out. 

In this image you can clearly see where both the top & bottom tape have been removed, the natural shed hair and small amount of residue is still in position, this is prior to spraying with removal solution and gently combing to fully remove.

The amount of shed hair will vary person to person. It can appear to be a large amount but this is 6-12 weeks worth of hair which would have naturally fallen. If collected the hair from your hair brush over the same period you would be surprised at the amount. 

Your hair may feel thinner as you will have become accustomed to the extra volume & weight of the added extension hair so may take a little while to adjust. This is also normal & it will be exactly as it was prior to extension wear .  We monitor the natural hair at refits to ensure there are no adverse changes.



All hair we use is completely reusable 

Refits will be between 4-8 weeks for Tape Lite method and 8-12 weeks for Standard Tape fittings depending on hair density, shed rate, natural hair growth & lifestyle .

Depending on how many tapes you have fitted you may need to have your refit over two appointments to allow time to remove and retape the extensions.

Some clients prefer to have a second set to rotate so there is always hair to refit on the same day. 


tape extension aftercare

Following the aftercare guidelines is key to problem free Hair Extension wear.

Please click here to read the recommended aftercare advise specific to Tapes.

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