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EXCLUSIVE ACCESS contains years of extensive research & study, investigations, & experiments by Abigail to ensure the very best education and knowledge is available to her clients. Each area is password protected and passwords are changed regularly. If you are an existing client, currently wearing hair extensions or have recently had a hair loss consultation with Abigail & require access for a relevant section please contact us.

holiday aftercare

contains in depth research on the scientific effects of hard water ,and the mineral components. 

the relevance of pH effect on hair in hard water areas

further information on colour fade and discolouration.

each section within our visible holiday aftercare is expanded on from a scientific & educational perspective.

hair loss ad​vise

contains in depth  information on a wide spectrum of hair loss conditions, diseases, disorders & causes. 

covers symptoms, treatment options, essential nutrients and the recommended daily doses relative to varying conditions. comprehensive list of medications that attribute to hairloss and much more.

coming soon

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