Abigail Nicholls - Exeter based, UK leading Hair Extension Specialist. Southern Regional Educator for Remi Cachet. Mini Locks, Ultra Tips, The Hollywood Weave, Prebonded, Tape Extensions. Remi Cachet SuperStylist. Great Lengths Certified Salon & member of The Federation of Master Hair Extensionists

The Volumiser System

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Abigail is a regional Postiche Lite Hair Loss Consultant. 
The Postiche Lite is a patented product and only available through limited, officially trained selected salons, throughout the UK.

She offers an in depth, private & confidential consultation on a wide range of hair loss conditions.

Hair loss is caused by many factors and causes genuine distress, a lack of self esteem and lost confidence.

Our aim is to work with you in establishing the cause (if not previously known) and working towards a solution.   Hair loss in women is a very common problem and effects 2 out of 3 of the female population.

Causes of hair loss can be Alopecia, Female Pattern Hair Loss which is commonly experienced by menopausal women, (although this can begin as early as puberty) childbirth, fevers, severe infections, major surgery or illness, prescribed medications, hormones, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, physiological stress (including self - pulling of the natural hair) dieting & weight loss surgery.

We can begin working with clients who have undergone chemotherapy  six months from their last treatment.

In the majority of cases the Postiche Lite Volumiser would be the perfect solution for these types of hair loss, as it will cover the hair loss and add volume and density back to the hair.  

Postiche Lite Volumiser The Postiche Lite Hair Volumiser  IS NOT A WIG. It is an added hair piece made from the finest mono silk base to allow the scalp to breathe and to keep the head cool. It is ultra light weight and integrates beautifully with the natural hair giving a totally natural look. 
Traditional wig making techniques are used to create the Postiche Lite which ensures wearability and durability.
The hair is !00% human hair, Indian in origin so it has a natural, soft wave and can be blow dried, curled and straightened.
Depending on the severity of the hair loss in many cases the Volumiser can be used in conjunction with our Hair Extensions to completely tailor to your individual needs.

 The Volumiser can be worn continually with maintenance visits back to the salon every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking invisible, secure & beautifully natural.  These visits also enable Abigail to monitor the natural hair underneath for any changes. (Hair Growth, Hair Loss, No Change)  This is done with a microscopic  scalp camera for an accurate assessment.
(Maintenance appointments are a between a one, one and a half or two hour appointment, depending on the aftercare package recommended to you) 

The Volumiser is available in two designs, offering two amazing solutions:
The Postiche Lite Volumiser Smart Part
Postiche Lite Volumiser Smart PartThe Smart Part is the solution for very fine, thinning hair. It adds volume to the crown area. The length of the hair is longer allowing volume to be added to the mid lengths and ends. The Smart Part is narrow in design and great for volumising a thinning parting area.
Depending on the severity of the hair loss the Smart Part can be used in conjunction with our Hair Extension Systems to add additional volume and length.

The Postiche Lite Volumiser Wonderfill
Postiche Lite Volumiser WonderfillThe Wonderfill is the perfect solution for Female Pattern Baldness. It is a larger and wider piece than the Smart Part, enabling the bald area to be covered, whilst perfectly integrating & blending into the remaining natural hair.  The length of the hair is shorter on this piece (Short bob length) 
Depending on the severity of the hair loss the Smart Part can be used in conjunction with our Hair Extension Systems to add additional volume and length.

Both Volumisers are available in a choice of colours and can be custom coloured for a perfect match. 

Please watch this amazing video of a fitting of the Postiche Lite Volumiser and the transformation and difference it has made, not only physical appearance but in gaining confidence, happiness. Guaranteed to make you smile.
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A Hair Loss Solution that really works - see my story!
Discover a fantastic hair loss solution that will look and feel just like your own hair, find out what Julie thinks of the Postiche Lite Hair Volumiser. If you have fine thinning hair, or hair loss y...

Clients will need an in depth consultation to assess suitability for the Postiche Lite Volumiser System. 
Please click this link for further info on our Hair Loss Consultation

Your initial fitting appointment will involve a thorough deep cleansing of your hair and scalp, including a NIOXIN treatment. (click link for further information on the NIOXIN systems)

The natural hair is thoroughly dried and trimmed to keep it in optimum condition. 
The Volumisers are very quick to fit (approx 30 minutes) however if Hair Extensions are also been added to the natural hair this will increase the application time. (You will be advised of the appointment duration time at your consultation)

Once the application is complete the Volumiser is cut using specialist cutting techniques,  blending into the hair to create a natural, looking  style to suit the face shape. 
The hair is styled, creating the perfect finished look.

Before you leave the salon we will ensure you are confident in looking after your new hair at home.


To brush your Volumiser hold the top with one hand and begin brushing from the bottom  in downwards stokes working gently towards the top. 
(For clients with added Hair Extensions, please read the aftercare guidelines for the method you are wearing in the main menu)
You must only use the specialist brush given to you as it has been designed to glide through the hair without snagging the hair or volumiser.

Daily brushing will prevent any matting occurring, particularly around the outer edge of the Volumiser base and where it integrates into the natural hair.

The top of the hair, where the Volumiser is placed does not necessarily need to be shampooed.  However the natural hair from the edge of the volumiser should be washed once a week (twice maximum)
You can clip the hair from the volumiser away and hold the shower head downwards giving you better control of the water direction. 

You must always use the recommended aftercare products as recommended for your personal requirements. 
Do not use conditioner on the volumiser piece as it may cause it to slip off.

If the top of the volumiser must be washed, special attention must be given to ensuring the top and underneath is dried very, very thoroughly or moisture from beneath the volumiser will remain trapped, eventually deteriorating the base. It is not good for the scalp to remain damp and could lead to further issues. 
To dry the Volumiser you will find very tiny gaps at the base of the Volumiser between the attachments. Using a hairdryer with a nozzle and a low heat setting, direct the air flow underneath the volumiser. Do this at the gaps from the front and sides.

You may use a leave in conditioner, heat protector or hair oil on the mid lengths and ends of your volumiser (and hair extensions if added) but you must ensure it does not come into contact with the attachments. 

4 - 6 weekly appointments are essential to ensure the Volumiser remains in place, is comfortable and the finished look remains natural and integrated with the natural hair.

The Volumiser will be totally removed, washed and dried and new attachments added. 
Your hair and scalp will be cleansed thoroughly. 

NIOXIN Treatment is also applied to the scalp to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair follicles and as an aid stimulate regrowth.

You natural hair will be blowdried and trimmed to maintain condition.

Abigail will look at the hair and scalp through the microscopic camera to monitor any changes. 

Your Volumiser is refitted with the new attachments and restyled. As simple as that!

Clients with female pattern baldness and very little natural hair on top may only need a removal every 8 weeks as the lack of hair will prevent any build up of skin cells and natural oils beneath the Volumiser.

The Volumiser Service is a bespoke service tailored to each clients individual requirements. Prices start from £650
Our full pricelist is currently under production.