Abigail Nicholls - Exeter based, UK leading Hair Extension Specialist. Southern Regional Educator for Remi Cachet. Mini Locks, Ultra Tips, The Hollywood Weave, Prebonded, Tape Extensions. Remi Cachet SuperStylist. Great Lengths Certified Salon & member of The Federation of Master Hair Extensionists
Ultra Tips

This is the latest innovation in hair extension application and is trademarked to Remi Cachet.

Being part of the Remi Cachet education team,  Abigail was one of the very first extensionists in the UK to use them and played a key role in their UK launch. {Abigail also gave them the name Ultra Tips, which is now trademarked to Remi Cachet}

This is our most requested application method and loved by us and our clients.

Ultra Tips are a revolutionary method and has taken the advantages of three methods and combined them in one, creating the ultimate hair extension system.

Remi Cachet Ultra Tips Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls
The application involves no heat and no glue to attach to the natural hair.
What makes this system completely unique is not only is the hair completely reusable,it will never need retipping.

The Ultra Tip system combines the Mini Lock, Flat Bond and Fast Tape.

The Tips are formed from a flexible, yet robust, paper thin tape. So flat they emulate the characteristics of the fused Flat Bonds and simply cant be felt in the hair by running a flat palm over the head.

Remi Cachet Ultra Tips lock five pence mini lock earring The Ultra Tip is held in place with a lock that is compressed completely flat.  the locks are smaller in size than the Mini Locks. This image shows a comparison of the size of the Ultra Lock against a Mini Lock. The earring backs and five pence piece are a great comparison of their tiny size.

Remi Cachet Ultra Tips on finger and side view watermarkedThe tips measure approx 1cm across and a totally flat.The unique design  'Fans' the hair in a curtain effect creating a totally natural hair fall without a 'strandy' effect.

The strands feel lightweight and comfortable and can be worn up easily.

Remi Cachet Ultra Tips & stick tips

To the right is the Ultra Tip, Mini Tip and a standard Stick Tip.

The beauty of the UltraTip is they are quick to apply and clients return for refits approx every 6 - 12 weeks, depending on the density of the natural hair.
Unlike the other methods the soft, flexible tips never need replacing, so clients can have a removal and refit within one appointment.

Remi Cachet Ultra Tips Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

Before and after of an Ultra Tip fitting,

1) Fast application time.
2) Totally flat to the head.
3) No heat or glue is used to attach to the natural hair.
4) Hair can be worn up.
5) Hair is reusable.
6) Faster refitting time.
7) Never needs retipping.
8) No bonds or adhesives to break down.
9) Faster removal time.

1) Not suitable for clients with a metal allergy.
2) Strand size cant be altered.