Abigail Nicholls - Exeter based, UK leading Hair Extension Specialist. Southern Regional Educator for Remi Cachet. Mini Locks, Ultra Tips, The Hollywood Weave, Prebonded, Tape Extensions. Remi Cachet SuperStylist. Great Lengths Certified Salon & member of The Federation of Master Hair Extensionists

All images are Abigail's work and give a great explanation of the Prebonded system, including the pro's and cons at the bottom of the page.

This method is commonly referred to as 'Glue Ins'  or 'Bonds' gaining these names as the tips are melted and fused onto the clients hair.

Great Lengths bonded hair extensions by Abigail Nicholls
Prebonded extensions have a completely safe keratin bond designed specifically for use on the hair. The strands have the bond / tip already attached eliminating the need for messy glue guns, allowing a neat, clean application.

This technique involves taking a small section of the clients hair and applying a single extension strand equal in size and bonding to the natural hair either by heat fusion or cold fusion. This is built up row by row until the desired look is achieved. 

Abigail creates two types of bond -

THE CYLINDER BOND which is the approximately the size of a grain of rice and Micro Cylinder Bonds, half that size again.
The Cylinder bond is perfect for adding volume and applying in areas of finer hair.

Remi Cachet Cylinder Bonds Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

Remi Cachet Cylinder bonds Hair Extension process by Abigail Nicholls
This image shows a full head application using Cylinder Bonds and a close up of how they sit in the head.

The Cylinder bond is very comfortable to wear and allows the hair to be tied up in a high ponytail without the bonds being visible.

Here you can see a full head of Cylinder Bonds from before to after and styled straight and curled.

Remi Cachet Flat bonds Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

THE FLAT BOND measures approx 0.5cm across and lies totally flat to the head - In fact a flat palm can be run across the back of the head and these bonds will not be felt!

The Flat Bond creates a 'curtain' effect with the hair spreading out more naturally, rather than a rounder strand.  Due to the nature the hair extension hair falls thickness and length can be achieved but not as much volume.

Remi Cachet Flat Tip bond Hair extensions by Abigail nicholls
Here you can see the Flat bond fitted in the hair and close up.

Remi Cachet Flat Tip bonds Hair Extensions process by Abigail Nicholls

The Flat Bond Fitting Process

Both methods can be applied using the following machines:-

HEAT FUSION is as it sounds, the applicator tool has a hot arm and a cold arm and looks like a giant pair of tweezers! The hot arm touches the bond and causes it to melt, whilst the cold arm is what comes into contact your natural hair. The arm remains constantly hot, but does have a variable heat control.  This method is no different than the use of straighteners and hot styling products on your hair.

COLD FUSION uses a machine, again with an arm that resembles a giant pair of tweezers, that uses magnetic impulses to produce instant heat to melt the bond when squeezed together. It is cold to touch instantly.  Due to the magnetic charges it is not suitable for clients fitted with Grommits or a Pacemaker.

Remi Cachet Bonded Hair Extensions with natural growth by Abigail NichollsPrebonds are worn for approximately 4-6 months (depending on your natural hair growth and shedding rate) before you need to return to have them removed.
This image shows almost 6 months of natural, healthy hair growth with the flat bonds quite low down the head.
Removals are charged as a separate service.

If the hair is still in excellent condition, Abigail offers a retipping service. The hair is sent away and new tips are added allowing the same extension hair to be reapplied.
(see retipping service)

1) Clean method as no need for messy glue guns.
2) Designed for longer term wear, ideal for clients with less time to return for refits.
3) The extension strands can be cut to a smaller weight and size according to the areas on the head they are going to be fitted. For fine hair the bonds can be made very small.  They can be placed higher up the head due to the tiny bonds.
4) A mixture of colours can be ordered for a better, natural colour match and blend.
5) Hair can be worn up in a high ponytail without the bonds being visible.

1) This method involves slightly more aftercare than other methods.
2) This method has the longest application and removal time.
3) Involves the use of an adhesive to attach to the natural hair.
4) Not suited to clients with busy, hectic lifestyles with little time to spend on their hair.
5) This method cannot be removed for two weeks after application as the bonds will be too hard. Removal before this time may result in damage.
6) Regular swimming can cause the bonds to break down more rapidly.