Abigail Nicholls - Exeter based, UK leading Hair Extension Specialist. Southern Regional Educator for Remi Cachet. Mini Locks, Ultra Tips, The Hollywood Weave, Prebonded, Tape Extensions. Remi Cachet SuperStylist. Great Lengths Certified Salon & member of The Federation of Master Hair Extensionists
Mini Locks

All images show Abigail's fittings.

This method does not use heat or glues to attach the extensions to the natural hair and is rapidly replacing the traditional Micro Ring & Stick Tip method.
The Locks are flatter and smaller than the Micro Ring and the Tips are smaller and shorter than the Stick Tip making them much more comfortable to wear and undetectable.

Remi Cachet Mini Locks Hair Extensions comparison to standard micro rings

Mini Locks and Mini Tips against Micro Rings and Stick Tips.
This image shows just one row of  traditional Micro Rings and stick Tips above two rows of Mini Locks and Mini Tips.

Remi Cachet Mini Tip Hair Extensions v stick tips The Mini Tips against traditional Stick Tips, Shorter in length and diameter.

Remi Cachet Mini Locks
The Mini Locks compressed flat against a standard 5mm silicone Micro Ring.

The Locks are available in three sizes and the ones used  will vary on the natural hair density.
As you can see here compared to a couple of earring backs and beside a five pence piece, you can see how small they are.

Remi Cachet Mini Lock Hair Extensions by Abigail NichollsThe extensions are applied by taking a section of natural hair and threading it through a tiny metal tube (Mini Lock)
An extension strand with a tiny round tip (Mini Tip ) is then inserted into the tube and clamped flat using a clamping tool.
The Mini Tip is made of a softer German Keratin which moulds inside the lock when compressed. This cushions and protects the hair whilst creating a perfect seal and strong hold.
This is built up row by row until the desired look is achieved.

The hair is completely reusable and can be removed and refitted on the same day.

Clients return approximately every 10-12 weeks for a refit (depending on natural hair density and growth rate)  which includes complete removal of the extensions, natural shed hair brushed away, gentle teasing out of any matting (if present due to poor aftercare), removal of any knots, shampoo, trim and blowdry of the natural hair ensuring the natural hair remains in perfect condition throughout extension wear. This is the longest refit appointment, but the most popular.

OR  Complete removal of extensions, natural shed hair / knots /matting brushed out and the client returns for refitting in a separate appointment. Perfect for clients wanting to get a full head colour refreshed / root retouch or simply wanting a rest period from wear. (Removal cost payable at removal appointment.

The Remi Cachet Mini Tips are formed of a soft German Keratin which has been dipped in a flexible polymer resin coating, making the tip more durable and less prone to deterioration.  If all the recommended aftercare products are used and the aftercare guidelines rigidly followed the tips will not need retipping for at least 6-9months. 

The Little Tips in our Velveteen Collection will require retyping at approximately 6 months, again depending on aftercare.

Your extensions are sent away to an outside company for retipping, the retipping fee is payable at your removal appointment BEFORE we send the hair to be retipped.

Some clients opt to have a new set fitted and the old set is sent away for retipping so they have a rotation set of hair - this means they are not without their extensions whilst the hair is sent away for retipping.
Other clients opt to have a break whilst the extensions are sent away to be retipped. (Retipping cost is payable in advance)

Remi Cachet Mini Lock Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

First pic shows the initial fitting. Second pic shows the clients natural hair growth and the extensions now positioned further down the hair. The third pic shows the same extensions refitted using new locks and the last pic shows the hair trimmed and finished.

Remi Cachet Mini Lock Hair Extensions by Abigail NichollsBefore and after of a Mini Lock Fitting

1) No heat is used during application
2) No adhesive is used to attach the extensions to the natural hair.
3) If the correct aftercare products and guidelines have been used and followed the hair can be removed and refitted using new locks.
4) An assortment of colours can be used ensuring a perfect, natural colour match.
5) Comfortable to wear as the locks lie totally flat to the head.
6) The hair can be worn in a ponytail and the locks are undetectable.
7) Smaller, flatter with smaller tips so more comfortable than traditional Micro Rings.

1) Strand size can't be altered.
2) Unsuitable for very fine hair.
3) Unsuitable for clients with a metal allergy.
4) Unsuitable for clients who suffer with greasy hair / oily scalp.