Abigail Nicholls - Exeter based, UK leading Hair Extension Specialist. Southern Regional Educator for Remi Cachet. Mini Locks, Ultra Tips, The Hollywood Weave, Prebonded, Tape Extensions. Remi Cachet SuperStylist. Great Lengths Certified Salon & member of The Federation of Master Hair Extensionists
Hollywood Weave

The Hollywood Weave method  was created by Victoria Lynch (owner of Remi Cachet)  Abigail Nicholls and Phil Tapping (the Remi Cachet Education Team)  {Abigail actually gave the method it's name!}

The Hollywood Weave  does not involve plaiting, corn-rowing or braids. Instead the clients natural hair is used to support the weft by taking a section of natural hair which is threaded through a micro ring (smaller than a standard micro ring)  and clamping securely in place.
A 'track' of rings is created, keeping the hair in the natural downward growth position, preventing any tension on the natural hair. 

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls the Hollywood Weave
This creates a base for the weft to be sewn onto.

This image depicts a track row.

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls The Hollywood Weave
The weft is sewn onto the 'track' using the Hollywood Weave lock stitch, which is used in surgical procedures, so holds the weft firmly in place, without adding tension or pulling and sagging.

A unique 'laddering' technique can be used to apply two rows of weft onto one track, this creates more volume and thickness, yet lies flatter, is less bulky and more comfortable to wear.

The number of track rows will vary on the type of weft you have fitted. 
The new weft top is the latest in weft technology. Completely flat, double stitched and adhesive sealed which eliminates shedding. There is no 'fold over' hair to prevent itching.  Due to the ultra flat top the wefts can be doubled or trebled and there will be no root bulk, so are even more comfortable to wear.
Remi Cachet Weft TopRemi Cachet Weft Top

Weft by Abigail NichollsThese images display how beautifully flat the new weft tops lay allowing for comfortable wear when doubling the wefts over.

The new wefts will be available in 50g and 100g options so are perfect for clients with multiple colours throughout he hair,  several wefts can be ordered to accommodate the different colours. Great also for clients with thicker hair as additional 50g wefts can be purchased separately.

These wefts are available in our Velveteen Collection and are also being introduced across the Remi Cachet Weft Range

The Remi Cachet Hollywood Weft is the quickest weft application as it is purpose designed and comes in three weft pieces. Two 11" pieces and one 4" piece, in a choice of 16" and 20" length and weighs a generous 150g of the highest quality Elegance, Russian Mongolian hair.  The top of the weft has a comfortable lace backing and only three tracks are needed to attach it, so a luscious, thick, full head of extensions can be quickly achieved.  
Hollywood weave after
The finished result.

Clients return for refits approx every 8 - 12 weeks and have the hair removed either row by row, the natural shed hair is brushed away and the weft is refitted with new rings or the entire extension hair is removed and the natural hair is washed, trimmed and blowdried and the weft refitted. This ensures the natural hair remains in perfect condition. Some clients opt for a full removal and  return at a later date for a refit which erfect for clients who like to have colour refreshed or root retouch.

Hair can be placed in a low ponytail, but high ponytails are not possible.

Clients can convert the wefts into Clip In extensions if they no longer wish to wear them for longer periods.

wefthair extensions  showing natural growth
To the right is a client with a beautifully maintained micro weft {method now replaced by the Hollywood Weave} with 8 weeks natural hair growth.   The weft is now further down the hair and is due a refit. This shows a perfect example of how the natural hair continues to grow healthily, in the natural position and the weft and rings move a further distance from the scalp in the process.  {with The Hollywood Weave the rings would be hidden underneath the weft}  A refit will depend on the clients natural hair growth and hair shed rate. Fine haired clients are recommended to return every 6-8 weeks and average to thick haired clients every 12 weeks. 

The Hollywood Weave feels tighter to wear than the other methods when initially fitted due to being fitted slightly closer to the scalp than the individual strand methods.  Aftercare is easier in terms of washing, blowdrying and brushing as you can lift and entire row easily up and out of the way rather than trying to gather individual strands.

Tying your hair up is still possible, but harder to disguise the weft in a higher ponytail. so a lower ponytail is advised.
Laura wearing Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Hollywood Weave by Abigail Nicholls

And finally Laura (in the natural hair growth pic above) With her refitted Remi Cachet Elegance Micro Weft. Completely natural looking and full of volume and lustre.

1) Hair can be reused and reapplied using new rings.
2) No heat involved in application.
3) No adhesive is used to attach to natural hair.
4) Quick application & removal time.
5) Easier maintenance.
6) Lower priced method to to faster application time.

1) Not suitable for clients with a metal allergy.
2) Only a lower ponytail is advised.
3) Not recommended on very fine hair.