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Hair Loss Solutions

There are several contributing factors that can lead to Hair Loss. 
(Some you may not have even considered could be the reason you are experiencing hair loss or thinning)

Here we list the causes and the solutions we offer at Abigail Nicholls.


A common inherited condition which is a natural, age-related hormonal change that can trigger hair loss. This is caused by the conversion of testosterone into the toxin Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and can be inherited from either your mother or your father.

Stress can produce increased levels of testosterone, which converts to DHT and interrupts the hair’s growth cycle. Stress also constricts blood supply through the capillaries, restricting oxygen and nutrient uptake and vitamins to the hair follicle.

Several underlying health issues can cause hair thinning. These include natural hormonal changes women experience after pregnancy and during menopause.
There are several medical conditions and deficiencies which cause hair loss and we can recommend the relevant blood tests to establish or eliminate this as the cause.

The hair follicle is incredibly sensitive to changes in the body. Any hormone therapy (including birth control) can contribute to hair thinning, as can steroids, specific chemotherapies,  medication for blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and acne.

Air and water pollutants such as chlorine, metals and minerals may be left on the scalp and hair thus contributing to thinning.
We offer an in salon treatment to remove the build up of chlorine, metals and minerals and a range of products for use at home.

Over processing with chemical hair dyes can cause the hair to break and thin as can heat damage through overuse of heated styling tools.
We offer hair treatments to recondition the hair and to prevent further damage.

What you eat can play a significant role in hair thinning. High consumption of animal fats, rapid weight loss from weight loss surgery and liquidprotein diets can result in a lack of amino acids, biotin, iron, protein and zinc— all of which are essential for healthy hair growth.


Nioxin LogoWe are an official Nioxin salon and stock the Nioxin Systems which are a range of hair products and treatments designed to target hair loss and thinning hair.

Malibu C Logo
Malibu C are a range of Hair Products and treatments designed to remove the build up of chemical and mineral deposits which environmental factors and pollutants can leave on the hair and scalp. We offer an in salon treatment and stock the hair products for use at home.

Hairjelly capsules  Hair JellyHairjelly Capsules are supplements which can be used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet to support healthy hair growth.
The capsules contain all the essential nutrients the body requires for your hair and nails to grow. We are official agents for Hairjelly and stock them in the salon.

Postiche Lite Hair Volumiser LogoThe Postiche Lite Volumisers are not a wig but a small hair piece which is placed on the top of the head and integrates perfectly with the natural hair. These are worn for 4-6 weeks before a salon visit is required to refit.
These are perfect for clients who have Female Pattern Baldness, a thin part line or areas of alopecia. 

Flip In Hair LogoAs official Flip - In Hair stockists we can have a custom made hair piece which emulates a full head of hair.  This is unlike Clip - In Extensions as the hair sits on a delicate wire and is supported by the head so not tension is applied to the hair. Its the perfect solution for hair that is evenly distributed but has overall thinning.

Pasoday Ponytail LogoHair Pieces are a quick and easy way to give the appearance of more hair. We are an official stockist of the Pasoday Ponytail, which is available in a standard range of colours or can be custom ordered to your exact colour requirements. We also sell the Remi Cachet Wavy Wrap to create a simple messy 'updo'

Olaplex LogoChemically damaged hair can become weak, fragile and break easily. This gives the hair an overall thin, unhealthy appearance. Olaplex works by reconnecting the disulphide bonds which are the hair's internal structure, therefore strengthening the hair. 
We offer an in salon treatment and the Olaplex no3 to continue supporting the hair at home.