Abigail Nicholls - Exeter based, UK leading Hair Extension Specialist. Southern Regional Educator for Remi Cachet. Mini Locks, Ultra Tips, The Hollywood Weave, Prebonded, Tape Extensions. Remi Cachet SuperStylist. Great Lengths Certified Salon & member of The Federation of Master Hair Extensionists

Hair Loss Consultations

We fully understand how distressing hair loss can be and  how courageous taking the first step to seeking advice is.

Our private salon is the perfect location for your consultation.  All appointments are strictly by appointment only to ensure your complete privacy at all times. 

Your appointment, if you prefer, can be solely on a one to one basis with Abigail with no other staff or clients present.

Our in depth consultations are completely thorough which cover your medical history, your lifestyle, diet, psychological stress & previous trauma (which can be a major factor in hair loss conditions)  genetics, health and external environmental factors.

Abigail will look at your hair & scalp through a microscopic camera and collect scientific images of the stages of your hair follicles, hair density and growth pattern. 

This will enable us to see how your hair growth (or loss) is progressing throughout your salon visits.  (We will monitor this at every appointment)

A series of simple, nonintrusive tests are carried out to determine which hair growth stage you are in.

Once this has been established we may refer you to your GP (or private clinic) for a series of recommended blood tests if we believe your condition may be caused by certain medical conditions or deficiencies.  
(Some clients have already seen a medical practitioner and are aware of the cause at this point we can proceed to the Postiche Volumiser system if we consider you suitable.)

Abigail Nicholls is an official NIOXIN salon and we will determine which of the six systems is recommended for you and advise on other treatments and supplements to inhibit hair loss and support hair growth. 

If we determine you are a suitable candidate for the Postiche Lite Volumiser System we will select which of the two options, The Smart Part or the Wonderfill is best suited to your needs. 
If Hair Extensions are to be used in conjunction with the Volumiser we will discuss the application method we also recommend.  

A colour match is carried out and together we will discuss the final look, taking into account your lifestyle, face shape and recommended length. 

The Postiche Lite does not add any tension to the hair.  Our ethos is to not overload the hair but to keep the added hair as light weight and minimal as possible and to not compromise already fragile hair. 

Ladies who come to us with a fine, thinning,  low volume of hair, not only is it a shock to see yourself with hair, adding too much too soon  runs the risk of accelerating hair loss, we want to make your new look as manageable, natural and comfortable as possible.

This will allow us to closely monitor your natural hair growth at your salon visits.  If we can see good progression we can add more hair gradually.

Our Hair Loss Consultations are a chargeable service. The one and a half hour appointment is charged at £50 which is payable at the time of booking.  (non refundable if less than 48 hours notice is given)

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