Abigail Nicholls - Exeter based, UK leading Hair Extension Specialist. Southern Regional Educator for Remi Cachet. Mini Locks, Ultra Tips, The Hollywood Weave, Prebonded, Tape Extensions. Remi Cachet SuperStylist. Great Lengths Certified Salon & member of The Federation of Master Hair Extensionists
Hair Extensions Ranges
Abigail offers a comprehensive range of hair extensions to ensure your extensions are the most suitable for your natural hair type, texture, colour & budget.
* At the bottom of the page is an explaination of the hair extensions terms used in our descriptions.

Is our number 1 choice and our client's favoured brand here at Abigail Nicholls.
 Remi Cachet are the UK's leading hair extension brand for hair quality and price.  With their finger on the pulse of ever changing trends they are constantly developing and evolving to be at the forefront of the hair extension industry.
They are leaders at bringing and inventing new extension methods to the hair extension market.

Remi Cachet have a comprehensive range of application methods, hair textures and lengths of the highest quality hair, thus meeting all the differing needs of our clients.

Abigail is the International Educator for Remi Cachet and teaches the art of hair extension application to hairdressing industry professionals within the UK and across the world.

Below is a comprehensive list of the hair and application methods available in the Remi Cachet range.

Exclusive by Remi Cachet® is exclusive by name and exclusive by nature.   Using the highest grade of hair, the extensions will only be distributed through their exclusive chain of Super Stylists. Abigail Nicholls is proud to be an official Remi Cachet Super Stylist.
Remi Cachet has also gone one step further and attained exclusive agreements direct with the Indian hair temples to secure the finest quality hair.
Exclusive by Remi Cachet® are our most luxurious hair extensions, sourced ethically from Indian temples and carefully processed to create enviable hair.  The natural texture, density and wave of the Indian hair blends beautifully with your own hair.
With quality paramount, our Exclusive Range is 100% human hair and double drawn with every step of the process inspected to ensure that only the exceptional hairs make it to the Exclusive hair extension range.
With two hair wefts available in a 50g and 100g weight for the volume lovers; and are available in over 35 natural shades and 16” or 20” lengths.

Is 100% Human, Virgin, Double Drawn, Ethically Sourced, Remi Hair.
It is Russian / Mongolian mix in origin.
It is the most versatile out of all the ranges as it is available in many application methods -
PreBonded with strong Italian Keratin tips to create Flat Bonds or Cylinder Bonds, The Mini Lock & Mini Tip System, Ultra Tips, Tape & Wefts.

There is a great colour range, including some stunning ash shades, mixes, ombres & dip dyes.

The hair is very soft & silky in texture and dries in soft waves, when left to dry naturally.

Available in 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" & 24" lengths
This range is our most popular out of all the ranges and the hair is such outstanding quality, with correct aftercare it can last for a year and beyond. (Refits will be necessary during course of wear)

For further information on Remi Cachet please visit www.remicachet.com

A few images of clients wearing Remi Cachet Elegance

Remi Cachet Mini Lock Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls
Remi Cachet Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

This range is a high quality Indian hair. 
Indian hair is naturally wavy in texture and creates beautiful natural waves when left to dry naturally.  With correct aftercare the hair can last 9 months to a year.

Available in the Ultra Tips and Prebonded methods and in 16" and 20" lengths

Images of clients wearing the Prestige Range

Remi Cachet UltraTips Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls
Remi Cachet Ultra Tips Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls
Visit www.remicachet.com for further information

Great Lengths Logo
100% Remi Human Hair Extensions with cuticle completely intact due to it's closely guarded and patented colouring technique known as Osmosis. 
It is Fully Traceable, Ethically Sourced, Virgin, Indian Temple Hair, Double Drawn with a  unique Italian keratin bond which is the same colour as the hair extension strand. 

Used in over 60 countries. Great Lengths Hair Extensions are available in Over 60 intermixable colour choices including Flowstrands (Dip dye / Ombre effect colours) Pastels, Jewel and Neon Crazy Colours and four standard lengths, 30cm, 40cm, 45cm and 50cm.

Great Lengths is the only system out of all the ranges which can be washed daily due to the strength and structure of the bonds. 
Due to the molecular structure which mimics the natural protein keratin the bonds are hardwearing, yet non damaging and the hair is renowned for not shedding from the bond.

The hair is courser in texture and due to the Indian origin is very wavy when left to dry naturally. 

The average lifespan of wear 5 - 6 months and if correct aftercare is followed, retipping and refitting is possible. 

Great Lengths is available in the Prebonded method only and is the most expensive of the ranges.

For further information on Great Lengths visit their website by clicking the logo or www.greatlengthshair.co.uk

A  few images of clients wearing Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls 
Great Lengths Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls
Great Lengths Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

Abigail Nicholls Logo bOur lowest priced hair range of the Abigail Nicholls Brand.
Double Drawn hair,  available in Indian and Russian Mongolian origins.
 Smaller colour  choice. 
 Available in 14"-16", 18"- 20"  and 20"-22" lengths.
Available in Prebonded, Little Locks and Wefts
This range is designed for ladies on a lower budget, shorter term wear or as an introduction into extension wear. This range will last 3-6 months with correct aftercare.

A few images of clients wearing The Velveteen Collection brand of hair extensions.

Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls
Lucy Scarrot Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

Hair Extensions by Abigail Nicholls

Hair Extensions Definitions
Pre Bonded  A small bundle of strands of hair with a keratin bond attached eliminating the need for messy glue guns.

Virgin Sourced Hair & Virgin Hair
= Virgin Hair  is hair which has never had a chemical process, all systems I use are sourced from Virgin Hair, which then goes through a gentle colouring process.

Keratin Bond
= Keratin is a natural product found in your nails and hair. When the term Keratin Bond is used it is a manmade substitute similar to natural keratin. Italian Keratin is the hardest & longest wearing with the closest molecular structure to natural keratin. A special remover is needed as they cant be removed with acetone based removers.

Indian Temple Hair
= Hair which is offered to the God’s in Hindu Temples, grown until the Hindu feels blessed by a significant event. This can be marriage, birth etc and is offered in thanks to their God.

Ethically Sourced
= Ensuring a fairtrade price is paid for the hair and reinvested in local infrastructure.

Fully Traceable
= Hair can be traced to the temple of origin.

Grade hair = There is no universal grade for human hair – this is the scale a manufacturer will use to grade the quality of their own hair, with AAAA being the highest. Hair with the same grade from different suppliers can vary in quality.

Hair weight in grams
= This refers to the weight of the hair in each strand. So hair weighing 0.7g will give a less fuller look than strands containing 0.8 / 1g.
hair means the bond is already attached to the hair ready for application by either heat fusion / cold fusion. I use the Great lengths classic fusion machine which is a heat fusion method. The connector arm (which looks like a very large pair of tweezers!) tip has a cold tip, which touches your natural hair and a hot tip which warms the bond, this is then rolled into a neat bond fusing this to your natural hair.

Remy / Remi / Remis
= This refers to the cuticle which is the outer layer of human hair and means it (the cuticle) is laying in the same direction, downwards from root to tip to prevent matting. Not all human hair extensions have the cuticle completely intact or at all as it has been removed during the colouring process. So to make the hair shine and feel silky and more manageable it is sometimes finished with a coating. (Usually silicone)

Double Drawn
= This means the hair is the same thickness from root to tip, so therefore no thin wispy ends.