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How To Look After Your Clip In Extensions

Before fitting, gather the clip in wefts together and hold the clip areas securely, using our recommended extension brush begin brushing at the ends in a downward motion,gradually working up towards the top clipped weft.
Once fitted in the hair repeat the process, and brushing through the clip ins and natural hair together.

When not being worn store your clip ins in the box provided or hang them on a skirt / trouser hanger. (The type with a clip at each end)

To Maintain the life of your Remi Cachet Clip In Deluxe it is recommended you use the Remi Cachet or Abigail Nicholls Hair Extension aftercare range.
Clip In Extensions are not recommended for daily use so will not require shampooing as regularly as semi permanent extensions.

Hang the extensions on a skirt / trouser hanger (as recommended for storage) Wet the hair in the upright position with the water flowing down the hair in the direction of the cuticle.

Gently massage the shampoo through the hair but DO NOT twist or scrub.

Gently squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a towel.

Apply conditioner and leave for 5 minutes.

Rinse as above.

Apply Remi Cachet Hair Oil to the damp hair.

Hang up and allow to partially dry before brushing.

It is recommended you allow the extensions to dry naturally, however if you choose to blowdry ensure the airflows downwards in the direction of the cuticle.

Style as required.

Depending on regularity of wear it is recommended you use a deep conditioning treatment periodically to extend the life span of your Clip In Hair Extensions.

Straightening and Curling
The Clip -  Ins  are 100% Human Hair so clients can use straighteners, tongs, wands and heat styling tools to style the extensions. A heat protectant product is recommended to prevent heat damage.

Tying Hair Up
It is advised that the Clip Ins are not tied into a high ponytail causing strain to the natural hair where the clips are attached. 

Remi Cachet and Abigail Nicholls do not accept any responsibility for hair that is coloured or altered after purchase.

Not advisable for wear in chlorinated water or use in hotter climates than accustomed to as damage may occur. Exposing the hair to waters which may have a high iron or mineral content may discolour the chemically treated hair.
*See full holiday aftercare guidelines in main menu if discolouration occurs

General Guidelines
DO NOT pull on the Clip In Extensions during wear as this can cause tension on areas where clips are attached.

It is the wearers responsibility to ensure that the Clip - In hair is fitted correctly and correct maintenance is applied as normal wear and tear can occur resulting from usage.